Women, Work & Wednesbury 

The publication was developed as part of a project investigating the industrial past and present stories of women's work in Wednesbury in the Midlands. Commissioned by arts organization Multistory in January 2021, for the High Street Heritage Action Zone pilot project.

During the project, I researched the historical legacies of industrial labour in relation to women's contributions, whether working on the factory floor, in an office, from home, or in pubs, cafes and shops which would serve, support or maintain the local economy. So many post-industrial regions are still defined by their historic labour practices (or presently their ‘lack’ of), which often do not reflect more broadly women’s contributions. 

The project took place in two parallel strands, one rooted in the historic roles of women and work in Wednesbury and the other based on interviews with women in Wednesbury to platform their stories. From the interviews, images shared and archival research, I compiled a small publication on Women, Work and Wednesbury, available freely online and in different sites around Wednesbury in print.

Available online: https://wearewednesbury.uk/tube-town/

Women, Work & Wednesbury, avalible in Maggie’s General Store, Wednesbury 2021

Avalible at Wednesbury Library