Current / Upcoming 

Near Now Fellowship. 
Broadway, Nottingham. 2022-23

Everyday Heritage Grants: Celebrating Working Class Histories. With Multistory, funded by Historic England. November 2022- September 2023


Editor for the Future Materials Bank
Jan Van Eyke Academie. 2022 - 2023

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Ambience Factory 

Residencies  and Research Projects

Near Now Fellowship
Broadway, Nottingham. 2022-23

Black Hole Club. Vivid Projects. 2020-22

Manifestos for the Future Residency (collaborating with Sophie Bullock.). With Mansions of the Future, 2020

Designer in Residence at Fashion Space Gallery (collaboration with Lucy Hutchinson).
London College of Fashion, 2019

Selected for Living Research with The British Council. 2018, 2019.  Mapping and researching Maker Practices in Chengdu and Xi'an, China. 

Artist In Residence at the Research and Cultural Collections. University of Birmingham., 2018-19

Artist in Residence at Modern Clay, Birmingham, 2017

Summer Lodge Art Residency, Nottingham Trent University, 2017

Grymsdyke Farm Art Residency. Funded by RIBA. with Eastside Projects, 2015

Leonardo Program. Florence, Italy. 2014

Artist in Residence at Coventry University (AA2A scheme) 2013-14

"CPAGES." CGA/ESP Manchester/Birmingham Exchange Residency, 2014

Select Exhibitions and Performances

London College of Communication, UAL. London. Jan 2023

In Theatre.
The Liminal Space with UCL. London.
November 2022

Screening of Films
Framework and Knitters Museum, 
Ruddington. November 2022

The Factory
Vivid Projects. Birmingham. November 2022

Cut/Copy/Remix II
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. October 2022

London Design Festival.
United Matters at Aram Gallery, London. September-October 2022

The West Midlands Open. 
New Walsall Art Gallery. May - September 2022

School of The Underkraft
Mark Essen for British Art Show 9. 2022

Many Hands Make Light Work.
Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery, UK. Jan- April 2022 with British Art Show 9 Schools Program

Welcome to New Earth.
Vivid Projects. December 2021. 

London Design Biennale,: Design In The Age of Crisis. Online and Somerset House, London, UK. 2021

Ikon for Artists.
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. May 2021

Art Office Doc. Vivid Projects (online). March 2021

It Gets Lighter From Here (online). Culture Central. December 2020. 

United Matters. Dutch Design Week. Netherlands. October 2020.

London Design Festival. London, UK. September 2020

The Design Film Festival. The Design Museum, London. September-November. 2020

Oven fresh. Film Free and Easy with Primary Studios. Nottingham.
(Group Show Online.) August 2020

Purgatory Object Theatre Variety Shelf.
Waste Paper Opera. (Group show online) July 2020

Reverie, Birkbeck Institute for Social Research and Birkbeck Astrea. London. Feb 2020

The Everyday Martian. Design Museum, London. Dec 2019

FLIMSIES (small acts of care). With GU Womxn. Art Licks Weekend. London. October 2019

The Art of Not Doing. Birbeck University. London.
October 2019

New Babylon. With Lucy Hutchinson. Arcade East/London College of Fashion for London Design Week. September 2019

London Experimental Variety Show. Shaw Theatre. July 2019

disORDER Festival, Wolverhampton July 2019

'Virtual Futures’ Near-Future Fictions Lasting Labours. London. May 2019

Future Factory, Design Museum, London. Dec 2018

Where are you in these interesting times? Curated by Scaffold Gallery. Hosted by AIR Gallery, Altrincham. November 2018

Maker Monday. Birmingham City University, Nov 2018

Between the Interdisciplinary and the Expanded Field Conference. University of Wolverhampton, Oct 2018

GU Women at Modern Clay, Grand Union, Birmingham August 2018

Radio Play, With Tate n Lyle and Collette Raynor, live radio broadcast, Nottingham Trent University, July 2017

Artefact, Birmingham. March 2017

"Useful Edition" for Production Show. Eastside Projects. Birmingham. February 2017

Life in Clay: Experimental Practice at Grymsdyke Farm. RIBA, London. Oct 2016

West Midlands Craft Open. Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery, September 2016


Everyday Heritage Grants: Celebrating Working Class Histories. With Multistory, funded by Historic England. November 2022- September 2023

Exploring Patient Data and Surgical Healthcare. (Collaboration with Lucy Hutchinson).  Funded by UCL, The Wellcome Trust / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS). 2021 

'SURGE’: A collaborative artist and engineering partnership project with Dr George Dwyer. Funded by UAL/UCL, The Wellcome Trust / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences. 2021   

British Art Show 9 Schools Commission
Arts Connect
Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery, UK. 2021-22

Longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2021

Multistory Artist Commission.
History of Manufacturing in Wednesbury, UK. 2021

Longlisted for the Nova/Mullen Award. 2020

The WESLDET Project Award. 2020

Research and Cultural Collections, University of Birmingham. Commission funding, 2020.

Viaduct Materials Innovation Award. 2019

Living Research Follow on Funding. British Council, China. 2019

The Walter Edmund Sykes Lunn Design Education Trust. Masters Scholarship, 2018

Alumni Impact Fund, University of Birmingham, 2018

Making Futures Independent Creatives Bursary, funded by Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Plymouth Culture Board and Plymouth College of Art, 2017

"Engineering Student of The Year", Dudley College, 2017

New Art West Midlands, Engine Bursary, 2017

Oscar Nomination for Best Short Animation 2013 - “Head Over Heels”- Main Puppet Fabricator with Charlie Buck. National Film and Television School. Director: Tim Reckhart Producer: Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly


Kingston School of Art. UK. 2021-current

Tutor for MA Design For Change 
The University of Edinburgh. 2022 

Graduate Teaching Assistant
and Visiting Practitioner for MA Material Futures,
Central Saint Martins, UAL. UK. 2020-2021


Senior Techncian.
University College London. 
2021- Current

Engineering Technician.
School of Physics. The University of Birmingham. 2014-2018 

Select Workshops

Socially Engaged Practices in the Digital
Create Ireland. Online November 2022

British Art Show 9 Schools Program. Workshops with 5 schools across the West Midlands.
Jan 2021-Dec 2021

Digital Clinic. British Council Ireland. Studio we & us and Sophie Bullock. (online). May - Nov 2021

Whats your USP? An Excel interrogation on Value. (Online with Sophie Bullock). Black Hole Club x Ikon Youth Group. March 2021

Performing with Things for BA Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences, University of Birmingham. March 2020.

Co-Lab for Radar. Loughborough University. Jan 2020

Designing sustainable systems. Maker Circle, Chengdu, China. July 2019

Science is Fiction is Truth with Lucy Hutchinison. University of the Arts London, May 2019

Make Your Future. Craft Council. 2017 - 2019

Ikon Youth Program and Eastside Projects. Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, September 2017

Elegantly Wasted. Arts and Science Festival. University of Birmingham. March 2017


Many Hands Make Light Work
Educational Resource for School of the Underkraft. Commissioned by Arts Connect for British Art Show 9. 2022

Rethinking the system, together: Makers and circularity in Chengdu.  Chapter co-written with Dr. Kit Braybrooke and Dr. Nicola Thomas for the 'This is Distributed Design' book. Published The Distributed Design Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. 2021

Social Works? Writing Commission. Social Art Library. Axis Web.  April 2021

Women, Work & Wednesbury. For We Are Wednesbury website. Published online and in print with Multistory. Sandwell. April 2021 

Break The Frame (Essay). Material Futures Catalogue 2020, UAL. 2021 

Artist-Newletter: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. Blackhole Club Guest Editors (As Ambience Factory with Sophie Bullock, graphic design by Kieth Dodds) 2021

May Day Reader with Black Hole Club. Vivid Projects. Birmingham. May 2020

New Babylon. Published with Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion, UAL. February 2020. (With Lucy Hutchinson and design by Kieth Dodds)

FLIMSIES (small acts of care) with GU Womxn. 2019

The Makers role in shaping the Circular Economy, British Council, 2019

Atmospheric Memory, Futureeverything, 2019

Sleep Cycles, Publication Happens,collected works of Write Club, Published by Eastside Projects, Birmingham, December 2018

Pewter Casting, Resource for teachers for Key Stage 3 Published by the Crafts Council, 2018

Ambience Factory. With Sophie Bullock, design by Keith Dodds. Self- Published November 2018

An exploration of women’s engagement and participation in Makerspaces in China and the UK. Published by the British Council, 2018 PART 1

GU Women Group Text. ArtLicks ‘Peripheries’ Issue 23. Autumn 2018

Footnote, Published by Tate n Lyle, 2018

Decelerating at Summer Lodge. New Art West Midlands, 2017

Dovetail Edition 0, Self Published. 2014


Artist Talk at Sandwell College. November 2022

Artist Talk at University of East London. Feb 2022

Making Futures Conference. Speaking on the ‘Re-crafting the Local-Global Maker Relationship’ strand. September 2021. With Dr Kit Braybrooke and Dr. Nicola Thomas

United Matters,: Social Design. Dutch Design Week Online Talks 2020

Ghost Labour with Mark Essen.  University of Birmingham. October 2020 (online lecture)

Solo Club, MA Material Futures, online talks. Central Saint Martins, 2020

Arts and Digital Cultures Talk. University of Birmingham, October 2019

New Babylon. Artist Film Screening curated with Lucy Hutchinson. Arcade East, London College of Fashion, August 2019.

Seminar for Computer Science Department at University of Birmingham with Sophie Bullock. June 2019

The Metallization Of A Dream: Paolozzi and the Physics Workshop. Birmingham University.
Talk and tour. April 2019

Who are the Ambience Factory? Neoliberalism and the Commoditisation of Anxiety. With Sophie Bullock. University of Birmingham, March 2018.

Speaker, "Building Interdisciplinary Practices into Contemporary Modes of Production". Crafting in Industry panel (in association with RCA) Making Futures Conference, Plymouth College of Art, September 2017


School of the UnderKraft. British Art Show 9. April 2022 

History and Contemporary Art. Written by Josh Allen. Article on artists working with Historic materials. Jan 2022

Birkbeck Institute for Social Research Review of Ambience Factory Performance. Birkbeck University. Feb 2020

Class of 2020: Work. Review of Break The Frame. Written by  Teleri Lloyd-Jones. November 2020. 

Craft Careers: how Sophie Huckfield became an artist. Interview with the Craft Council. 2018.