New Babylon
Exhibition Arcade East, 2019
Dual channel video work (4 mins 25 secs). 3D printed data rocks, spray paint, metal rods, acrylic. Aluminium C-type prints.
Co-producer: Lucy Hutchinson
Music Composition by: Aubrey Jackson-Blake

New Babylon investigates how digital healthcare data is collected, refined and commodified.

Developing a range of works which contrasts the processes employed by the mining industry and how the body is mined for data. From 3D printed rocks composed of personalised health data, a video and sound work of ‘cut-up’ language, found footage and CGI animation which explores the mining of the body and the commodification of healthcare via contemporary health apps. Alongside aluminium prints mimicking traditional imagery of geographical mining sites and rock samples, using CT scans and microscopic imagery of the body as sites for extraction.