“Ambience Factory reengineers your mindset.
We upsize the individual in the downsized corporation

Fusing the changing forces of work, life and technology, Ambience Factory gives you the right stuff for a brighter future, optimising your mindset in the face of resilience. Products include work-forced mindfulness to interrupt the workflow with instructions to meditate, inspiring corporate presentations to motivate the workforce and relentless social media posts to inject bursts of well-being on demand.”

Sophie Bullock and Sophie Huckfield are ‘Ambience Factory’ an artist duo specialising in the dissemination of complex information through engaging and interactive artworks.
Through workshops, performances, installations, videos and other productions, we use play and comedy to investigate work practices in order to engage the wider workforce with current working conditions and the methods employed by neoliberal corporations and institutions to increase productivity - Which often affect emotional and physical wellbeing. A key part of our practice is driven by a need to spread information and facilitate debates with audiences who may not otherwise have access to current research around these issues.

Identitiy Designed by Kieth Dodds